Training Make New Employee Orientation A Success

Biaya Publik  Training Make New Employee Orientation A Success

Rp. 2.000.000 per peserta

Fasilitas Pelatihan:

– Ruangan Training
– Note/Catatan
– Pena
– Break pagi (Cofee, teh dan makanan kue)
– Makan siang
– Break sore
– Materi pelatihan
– Sertifikat pelatihan
– Trainer berpengalaman

Jadwal dan tempat  Publik  Training Make New Employee Orientation A Success

–  22 – 23     Maret 2018, Jakarta  Amaris Hotel La Codefin Kemang

– 24 – 25    Mei   2018,  Bandung Gino Feruci  Kebon Jati Bandung

– 26 – 27  Juli 2018, Jakarta  Amaris Hotel La Codefin Kemang

Biaya Inhouse Training Make New Employee Orientation A Success

Rp. 10.000.000, untuk Dua hari

Untuk 6 – 9 orang peserta

Tempat di tempat klien/Perusahaan (atau di atur oleh Klien)

Pendahuluan Training Make New Employee Orientation A Success

Who Should Attend

Personnel managers and specialists, trainers, instructors and course designers responsible for preparing and conducting new employee orientation will benefit from this unique, active day of learning. The workshop is based on original research of many successful companies. Can new employee  orientation reduce turnover by 30%? Learn how!

Learning Objectives

Melalui pelatihan Make New Employee Orientation A Success ini diharapkan:

  • Identify bottom-line benefits of successful orientation programs
  • Select critical information employee s need to be effective and successful
  • Measure the content of your orientation against some of the most successful orientation programs
  • Set objectives appropriate for your organization
  • Limit content to what is important
  • Eliminate boredom and keep the pace alive
  • Use techniques to involve new employee s
  • Avoid pitfalls of ineffective orientation programs
  • Apply orientation design techniques to all new employee  situations


Training Make New Employee Orientation A Success dilaksanakan dengan metode:

  • Lecturettes
  • Discussions
  • Action Plans

Workshop Content

Materi training yang akan di bahas topik Make New Employee Orientation A Success adalah :

1. Workshop Overview

  • Orientation: process  over time vs. one-day training program
  • Benefits of successful programs
  • HR’s role and the supervisor’s role
  • How to evaluate your current orientation during the workshop
  • Examples from successful companies

2. How To Plan for Orientation

  • Who is your typical new employee ?
  • What is realistic and achievable?
  • Benefits of including skill objectives
  • Who should be involved and how to gain their cooperation
  • Techniques to identify your organization’s needs
  • Safety first: avoid expensive mistakes and accidents
  • How to get supervisors involved in the NEO process
  1. Selecting Content and Methods
  • What new employee s need: enough vs. too much
  • Select appropriate methods to deliver timely orientation
  • Review schedules and checklists
  • First day do’s and don’ts
  • How to eliminate boredom and other pitfalls
  • How to create opening activities for group orientations
  • 5 key tips on taking plant tours
  • Inviting and guiding guest speakers
  • What audio-visual support is best?
  • Using “self-discovery” orientation and buddy systems
  • How to communicate corporate culture
  • Salaried, hourly, staff and supervisory orientation
  • How to make orientation more self-directed
  1. Evaluate Yuor Orientation
  • New hire reaction
  • Were learning objectives reached?
  • Does knowledge transfer to the job?
  • How to show cost benefits
  1. Special Considerations 
  • New company start-up orientation
  • Mergers, acquisitions and reorientation
  • New departments, branches, stores, classifications, etc.
  • Orienting management families–corporate welcome wagon
  • Multi-location and intranet delivery ideas


Trainer Training Make New Employee Orientation A Success

Zainal Arifin ( QHSE Manajemen Sistem)


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